I picked up the most beautiful squashes this weekend from the farmers market and decided I wanted to make some vases out of them. I love making vases out of fruits like apples and squashes because the softness of the inside acts as a kind of florist foam, moisture and all! Try this out—it’s super easy and will add a wonderful seasonal touch to your fall home decor.


  • Squashes of your choice
  • Flowers
  • Water
  • Fork (if your squashes are especially hard on the inside)
  • Knife

Cut off the top of of your squash (just the very top bit) and cut a hole in the center if needed. Scoop out the seeds and insides of the squash (you can save these for roasted squash seeds later) until the inside is nice and clean. You can start sticking in the flowers once you’ve clipped them to the correct length, and if you find the fruit is giving you some resistance, use your fork to poke a bunch of holes on the inside of the squash first.

Arrange your flowers inside the squash, add a little water, and you’ve got yourself some beautiful harvest bouquets! Enjoy!