I’ve always found wreaths to be a beautiful and welcoming touch when decorating my house for the season, and building a stunning wreath is easy! (No, really…it is.) My favorite type of wreath form to use is the large grapevine wreath (the ones that look like they’re woven from sticks). Depending on how rustic or lush you want your wreath to be, you can leave some of the form exposed if you like. For my autumn harvest wreath, I left a bit of the grapevine exposed to get more of that fall feel.

by weaving in your main elements, in this case, I used some mini pumpkins attached to a bit of wire. Keep going until they’re pretty evenly distributed and the wreath is pretty full.

No One likes a sparse wreath! Continue by weaving in some natural elements that will age well.

For my wreath, I used marigolds because they’re in season, as well as some dried leaves and waxy leaves for accents. Keep adding accents until the wreath looks full and lush, then trim away any excess twigs. And that’s it—easy!