Everyone knows how much I love to clean and I really try to clean with natural ingredients in my home. I decided to make a batch of natural wipes for quick cleaning on my countertops and bathrooms.I recently did the #unleashclean event (click here to see a video from the day) with Viva brand and the Boys and Girls club of Greater Ventura and was given some Viva Vantage towels. I thought they would work great for this DIY because they work like a cloth but are incredibly resilient and durable for tough grime. Here’s how I made them.


  • 1 roll of paper towel
  • 1 sealable jar
  • ¾ cup of vinegar
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tbsp dish soap
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil ( I used 10 drops of lemon and 10 drops of lavender)

Start by cutting a high quality, extremely durable paper towel in half (I used Viva Vantage towels).

Next, combine the vinegar, water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol and essential oils together. Mix well.

Place the cut paper towel into the sealable jar and pour the liquid ingredients all over the paper towels.

Once the towels are saturated, remove the center cardboard piece and pull the last towel for easy access to the towels.

Use these as you would other cleaning wipes to keep your home fresh and clean.