Lavender Essential Oil Bundle


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Our Lavender products are made with pure Lavender Essential Oil and all-natural ingredients. Never any synthetic oils or fragrances.

Lavender Hand Aid: Our soothing all-purpose balm is formulated with pure Lavender Essential Oil to nourish and repair dry, cracked skin. Use on hands, feet, elbows or any area that needs extra moisturizing.

Lavender Mist: Formulated with pure Lavender Essential Oil, this calming all-over mist can be used as a body mist or an aromatherapy room spray. Try spraying it on linens and pillows to promote sleep and relaxation.

Lavender EO Candle: Made from 100% American Non-GMO soy wax and pure Lavender Essential Oil, this candle burns 35+ hours and creates a wonderfully relaxing space.

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