f your bathroom looks anything like mine in the morning, then you know your counters are covered in brushes, a blow dryer, a flat iron and makeup. I am the queen of clean and clutter drives me crazy! I found a way to clear the clutter in 2 seconds and have everything neatly tucked away. A PVC pipe! Yes, you heard me right. I headed out to my local hardware store and picked up a Y PVC pipe in the plumbing section with a can of spray paint to match my bathroom. In about an hour, I had a nice bathroom caddy for my blow dryer, flat iron and a few brushes. I regained my counter space, cleared the clutter and have a nicely organized bathroom again!


  • 1 Y PVC pipe
  • 1 Can of spray paint

In a well-ventilated area, completely apply paint to the PVC pipe and allow it to dry. I did 2 coats to ensure that all the white of the pipe was covered. Once dry, place it in your bathroom and keep your blow dryer and flat iron tucked away neatly in their holders. (Make sure you let your flat iron cool completely before placing in the holder to ensure that it doesn’t melt or catch on fire.)