I was testing new candle scents from Monica Potter Home recently. When I lifted the candle to smell it, I accidently tipped it over. The melted waxed spilled all over my clothes – including my favorite linen pants. But, thankfully we use 100% soy wax and it was super simple to remove it from my clothes.


  • A butter knife
  • A dishcloth or hand towel (I like using an old pillow case)
  • Paper Towel
  • An iron

What to do:

Let the wax dry completely. Usually, it is best to remove stains before they set into the material – that is not the case with candle wax.

Once the wax has dried, scrape off as much as you can. You’ll want to use a different scraping tool depending on the type of fabric. Because linen is more of a delicate fabric, I decided to use a butter knife and gently skim across the surface.

Now you’re left with a small amount of wax that is attached to the fibers of the clothing. The trick is to carefully heat it. Start by setting your iron at low heat. Place a dishcloth or hand towel under the stain. I tend to save old pillow cases for cleaning purposes, so that is what I used. Then, place two pieces of paper towel over the stain. Slowly iron over the area. You will notice the wax begin to melt and soak into the paper towel. If the affected area is large, you may need to change out the paper towels half way through. Iron until all wax is removed.

Since we do not use any dye in our candles, I did not need to further treat my linen pants. If the wax in question is colorful, simply apply a good pre-wash stain removal treatment to the affected area. Wash and dry as you normally would.