I had some (lots) of glitter left over from my New Year’s crafts this weekend, so I tried to think of some fun way to use the surplus of gold glitter. I also had a couple flats of these tiny mason jars left over from the holidays, so I thought that I should make some glam’d up Glitter Candle Votives to add a bit of New Year’s sparkle around the house. These took so little time to make and is a great craft to do with small kids, especially. Try it out yourself—they’re great for special occasions or party favors!

Materials Small glass jars or votives Glitter (I like to use larger glitter so that the clean up is less of a headache) Mod Podge Brush Tea light candles

Using your brush, simply apply the Mod Podge onto the glass in any pattern you like (I just did the bottom third of my glass jars, but you can get fancier and do zig zags or even polka dots). Sprinkle glitter onto the glass with a spoon, then shake off the excess glitter after you’ve covered the entire glass. Set aside to dry, then drop in a tea light candle and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous glitter votive!