Do you love the idea of Elf on the Shelf but always forget to move your elf? If so, then this DIY is for you. A friend of mine bought a “Santa Camera” ornament at a craft show this year and I thought it was a genius idea. I had to recreate this amazing craft for all those “I forgot to move the elf again” parent…don’t worry- I’m in the same boat. So the idea behind this is Santa is able to watch your kiddos all holiday long to make sure that they are staying on the nice list. No more having to worry about moving the eld. Instead you simply place the “camera” wherever you would like and leave it there until Christmas is over. Is this not genius or what? Here is my version of how to construct the ornament, but feel free to revise or add any other embellishments you may like for your camera.


  • Clear ball ornament ( I found one at the dollar store)
  • Black paint
  • 1” washer
  • Red paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

Start by removing the hanger of your ornament and set it aside.

Squeeze about 2 tablespoons of black paint inside the ornament and swirl around coating the entire inside of the ornament.

Once coated, place the ornament upside down on a piece of wax paper to allow the paint to dry.

Next hot glue a washer to the center of the ornament.

You can draw a small red dot on the ornament as well to mimic a recording button.

Feel free to add Santa’s watching, Santa’s camera, North Pole Cam, or Santa’s Cam to the ornament.

Next secure the hanger back to the top of the ornament and place wherever you would like for stress free Santa monitoring this holiday.